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Project Chicken Soup
P.O. Box 480241
Los Angeles, California 90048
(310) 836-5402

Donor Wall
Purchase a commemorative tile for our Donor Wall. Click image to see how!

Support Project Chicken Soup
The work of Project Chicken Soup would not be possible without the generous support of individual donors, our corporate and foundation support and the more than 1,000 volunteers that generously donate their time to help us accomplish our mission to provide services to our clients living with HIV/AIDS.  We are classified as a type '501-c-3' organization under IRS guidelines; all contributions are fully tax deductible.  Checks should be made payable to and sent to:

Project Chicken Soup
P.O. Box 480241
Los Angeles, California 90048

We also accept credit cards.  Please E-Mail  or call us at (310) 836-5402 with any questions or concerns.
Here are some of the ways we can use your help: 

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  • A meaningful way to show your support for Project Chicken Soup is through the purchase of a commemorative tile for our Donor Wall. These beautiful tiles will be inscribed as you choose; and will be prominently mounted in the PCS kitchen on a dedicated Donor Wall-a fantastic way to support PCS, honor someone close to you, and become an actual part of our kitchen!

  • Single contributions are welcomed.  We are happy to send tribute cards for gifts recognizing people or institutions: Contribution form (PDF format)

  • Mollie Pier Sustainer Program this monthly program will help to ensure the future of PCS. With your help, we'll be able to plan ahead so PCS can always prepare the most nutritious meals to deliver to our clients living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses. Please click here (PDF format) to become a member of this program.

  • We use donated funds to purchase food, packaging and related products for our clients.  If you have any such items and desire to contribute them directly, In-Kind donations are also greatly appreciated.

  • Purchase one of our Kosher CD Cookbooks with lots of tasty recipes!

  • Matching Gifts Programs: Many companies have matching gift programs in place for employees that donate to non-profit organizations. Retirees and/or spouses are often eligible for this program as well. You may be able to double the impact of your gift! Please check with HR or the Charitable Giving office at your workplace, or call PCS at 310-836-5402.

  • Planned Giving is a way of making helping people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer or other serious illness your legacy. Create a meaningful legacy with a simple designation in your will or living trust. Talk to your lawyer to plan your estate and leave Project Chicken Soup a set amount, percentage, or even specific asset. Your bequest is not subject to estate taxes and provides a charitable estate tax deduction. A bequest is an extremely effective way to leave a legacy of helping people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer or other serious illness.

  • Ralphs Rewards Card Community Contributions

  • Workplace Volunteer Incentive Programs: Many workplaces have programs that recognize employees who devote their personal time to community service. Some companies award grants to support the organizations for which their employees volunteer. Recently, one of our volunteers inquired about this at his workplace, completed some paperwork and PCS was the beneficiary of $1,000 from the corporation as a result of the employee’s volunteer hours! Please check with HR or the Charitable Giving office at your workplace, or call the PCS office.

  • Good Search/Good Shop : Participation in this giving opportunity is at no cost to you! Funds will be donated to PCS with every internet search on GoodSearch or purchase made through GoodShop. Just follow these simple steps to support our organization. Please go to www.goodsearch.com or www.goodshop.com and enter Los Angeles Jewish AIDS Services to support our organization.

Thank you for your continued support!

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